Reminder: WCBS on Twitter and facebook

As well as having our web site here at, the society has a number of other Internet presences.


The society’s Twitter account handle is @wcbsorg.

If you are not familiar with Twitter, you may not be aware that you do not need a phone or portable device to use this social media platform, nor do you need to have an account you log-in to to see what is being posted by us.

You can find our page online at


The society has four facebook pages

For a full list of WCBS related online links, go to our Links and Archives page, which you can also find from our main menu above.

New WCBS facebook page

Fb Logo

Due to issues with facebook, the society has had to set-up a new facebook page. The page can be found at

The new facebook page has been linked-up with the new-look web site so that postings will now appear on facebook simultaneously, as they already do on our Twitter feed.

We would be grateful if our facebook followers would now switch to following the new page.

The old page still exists but should be regarded as an archive, so we would appreciate it if you no longer posted items there.

Society Gets Mention on Local Radio

The society had a helpful mention on local radio last Friday (May 19th).

Heather, from North Manchester FM 106.6 Community Radio Station, was highlighting voluntary work on her Friendly Friday show at 10am. She had asked, via Twitter, if any voluntary organisation wanted a shout out during the show, to which I replied with some links to the society’s web pages.

The show mentioned us at the 44 minute mark and listed a number of the volunteering opportunities the society has, noting the variety of roles.

You can listen to the episode here and even move the slider along to before the 44 minute mark to listen just to the relevant conversation.

Online Sales Volunteer

At Wooden Canal Boat Society we sometimes sell things online that have been donated to us.

We are looking for people that have knowledge/experience with selling items online, with websites such as eBay, eBid, or using facebook or WordPress to do such.

Find other voluntary roles at the WCBS: search.

Membership application form or Online application form (needs printing)

Contact Us

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Newsletter & Website Volunteers

NB We do have volunteers in these positions currently but we are looking for more to spread the load, particularly with our growing use of social media.

We need people to gather Society information for inclusion in our three times a year newsletters, initially to pass on to the current editor but also with a view to becoming an editor or writer for in the future.

Similarly, we want people to act as webmasters and update the website (on WordPress) on a regular basis with WCBS events, stories and photos.

There are currently also a number of different facebook pages to work with and a Twitter account to help manage.

People with writing/journalism skills, IT skills, has a working knowledge of SEO, knowledge and experience of writing for & using social media, all welcome.

Find other voluntary roles at the WCBS: search.

Membership application form or Online application form (needs printing)

Contact Us

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New Web Site Theme Installed and In Use

The new WordPress web site theme, Goran, has now been installed.

Site users will notice that blog posts no longer appear on the home page and now appear on a separate page, simply entitled “Posts“. There is also a menu link for this.

Also, new posts will have comments disabled by default, although authors can enable this facility on any individual post (as I have, here).

As well as better incorporating the colours associated with WCBS, most pages (this one being an exception) will now include a header image which rotates between the five images below.

A few menu and page alterations have also been made and more will follow. If you see any issues and/or wish to comment, then please do so below, or use the site contact form – see the menu link above.


New Society Twitter Account Now Active


A new Twitter account has been set-up for WCBS.

The account name is “WoodenCanalBoatSoc“. The @ handle is @wcbsorg. Any one involved with the society that is on Twitter, please follow this account.

Any new posts from the web site will generate a “tweet”.

If you know of any social media accounts that the society should follow, either on Twitter or facebook, please let us know, thanks.




An Introduction From a New Volunteer


Greetings. I’m Andrew, I have volunteered to work for the society with regard to its web and social media presence. I will also be working with Colin on the newsletter, as an apprentice of sorts…

My experience is largely administrative but I have strong and broad IT user skills. I have a number of IT user qualifications and have been using IT for well over 30 years. I don’t regard myself as a “Techie”; more a very experienced user, and it was this experience that led to my first volunteering, some years ago, in an IT community centre in Edinburgh (I’ve got around the UK a bit), as an IT Tutor.

I’ve volunteered, usually doing the same role, several times since. The most recent occasion was in Oldham, where I created a web site from scratch for a community centre. This was an experience that will be highly relevant to my role with WCBS, as both that web site and the WCBS site utilise WordPress.

That leads me on to what I will be looking to do. The web site is in need of an update. In the last two years alone, Internet usage has changed dramatically in that more people now browse the Internet using a device or mobile. I will therefore be making changes to the web site to optimise it for such use.

There will be one dramatic change made at first, as I will shortly be changing the “Theme” that the web site uses, so the look and feel of the web site will be significantly different when that happens.

There will then be numerous less dramatic changes to the content side, primarily to aid search engine optimisation (SEO), but also site navigation.

Although these may be introduced fairly quickly, they will be in steps and are likely to take some weeks. Whilst no loss of web site service should occur, please bear with me as this takes place and please use the site contact form if you want to contact me about such.


Andrew J Moran


Getting in touch with us

Please note that comments to posts here are not regularly monitored. If you wish to get in touch with us it’s better to email

You could of course volunteer to monitor the comments ! Have a look at all the volunteering opportunities on the Vacancy page

Thank you

Contributions to the Website

As you can see so far the vast majority of the content published on the site has been provided by Chris Leah AKA the Ashton Boatman as some of you may know him. While his posts are great and personally I think a joy to read we would love to receive contributions from volunteers, members, or even people who aren’t connected to the society yet but have an interesting story or two that is related to wooden boats or the canals.

If anyone is interested in providing contributions whether it be a one off or a regular contribution please get in touch with me at or use the contact form below

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