New WCBS facebook page

Fb Logo

Due to issues with facebook, the society has had to set-up a new facebook page. The page can be found at

The new facebook page has been linked-up with the new-look web site so that postings will now appear on facebook simultaneously, as they already do on our Twitter feed.

We would be grateful if our facebook followers would now switch to following the new page.

The old page still exists but should be regarded as an archive, so we would appreciate it if you no longer posted items there.

New Web Site Theme Installed and In Use

The new WordPress web site theme, Goran, has now been installed.

Site users will notice that blog posts no longer appear on the home page and now appear on a separate page, simply entitled “Posts“. There is also a menu link for this.

Also, new posts will have comments disabled by default, although authors can enable this facility on any individual post (as I have, here).

As well as better incorporating the colours associated with WCBS, most pages (this one being an exception) will now include a header image which rotates between the five images below.

A few menu and page alterations have also been made and more will follow. If you see any issues and/or wish to comment, then please do so below, or use the site contact form – see the menu link above.


New Society Twitter Account Now Active


A new Twitter account has been set-up for WCBS.

The account name is “WoodenCanalBoatSoc“. The @ handle is @wcbsorg. Any one involved with the society that is on Twitter, please follow this account.

Any new posts from the web site will generate a “tweet”.

If you know of any social media accounts that the society should follow, either on Twitter or facebook, please let us know, thanks.




Looking forward

Our 2017 AGM was held in the shop yesterday. We would like to welcome Tony Hewitson to the Trustee team to join with Dan Cocker. Kath Walls has stood down to concentrate on finance and Dave Wilson has also stood down to concentrate on his life !! Many thanks to Dave who joined us as the Hazel Project was in its infancy.

This does leave us with openings for new trustees. Some new volunteers came to the meeting and between them and current people it was agreed that some would shadow the Council of Management for a while and then an extra-ordinary meeting would be held to elect one or more to join Tony and Dan without waiting for next year’s AGM.

However more admin people are still needed in all areas so please do look at the Vacancies page here on the website to see if there is any area that you can help us in………if you’ve any queries or doubts please do email Thank you.



If you would like to support The Wooden Canal Boat Society and have some time on your hands then why not become a volunteer? You don’t necessarily need experience just be adaptable, reliable and a team player who’s willing to work alone on something when necessary.

Currently we really need more people to be Trustees. To do this you need to gain knowledge of the Society and its aims then be able to look forward with maybe business or management skills to help us further our aims whilst keeping within the bounds of charity governance.

We also need people to do other admin work as below:-

  • Newsletter – we need someone to gather information for inclusion in our 3 times a year newsletters, initially to pass on to the current editor but also with a view to becoming editor in the future. This person could also use the information for the Annual Reports for AGM in March annually.
  • Similarly, someone to act as webmaster and update the website (on WordPress) on a regular basis with WCBS events, stories and photos.
  • We currently advertise Hazel on online accommodation websites but with her at 3 different sites. We need someone to oversee this work, to keep track of bookings at all the sites so she is not double-booked.
  • Manage Hazel’s bookings, arranging cleaning between trips, meeting the customers, being a contact point for them during their stay etc.
  • General handy-persons. We have a shop manager in Ashton shop but sometimes there are problems outside of her duties. We need someone who can deal with these or oversee getting a trades-person to do so. Similarly we have a boat-yard in Stalybridge which needs to be maintained regularly so people can go to work there knowing necessary tools etc are available, tidy and in place. There is also a small garden area at the boatyard which needs general maintenance.
  • General marketing person. Ensuring that the leaflet holders in our shop and at Portland Basin are kept well stocked: liaising with Portland Basin museum staff re our displays; general maintenance of all marketing materials by working with the relevant managers.
  • Publicity / Education person; arranging with volunteers to have people giving talks / showing the public around our boats and talking about their history. Visiting schools or societies to update them about our work and the boats’ industrial heritage (some material for this is available but an  interest in the history would be essential).
  • Marketing and Education manager. To oversee all publicity and help to produce new items as necessary. To find new areas for marketing and education to spread the word further about our work.
  • Sponsorship secretary. To keep the current sponsorship spreadsheet updated by liaising with the treasurer and membership secretary. To find new sponsors especially businesses to enable us to maintain Hazel for her well-being trips.
  • Membership secretary. As above, to maintain the current spreadsheet, send out the newsletters and help with membership drives and publicity.

If you like being online, we need people who can look out for funding opportunities, write bids and deal with the process or find sites where we can find more volunteers.  Also more help is needed selling things online which have been donated to us. This would entail working in a small office in our shop.

If any of these sound interesting, or you would like to help in our shop or with hands-on boat work, do get in touch-email

Thank you