Volunteers needed

Please think about volunteering for admin work for The Wooden Canal Boat Society Help to spread the word about the history of our boats and local heritage. Work at Portland Basin, where our boats are, or in.our shop / small office in Stamford St, both in Ashton under Lyne.


GENERAL MARKETING VOLS work to broadcast the work of the Society by contacting local organisations and businesses, ensuring that the leaflet holders in our shop and at Portland Basin are kept well stocked, liaising with Portland Basin museum staff re our displays and ensuring general maintenance of all marketing materials by working with the relevant managers.
PUBLICITY / EDUCATION VOLS are involved with arranging for our volunteers to give talks / show the public around our boats, talking about their history. We are looking for volunteers to visit local schools or societies to update them about our work and the boats’ industrial heritage
We are looking for a GRANTS VOLUNTEER to help us find funding opportunities and to write bids
THE SPONSORSHIP SECRETARY will keep the current sponsorship records updated by liaising with the treasurer and membership secretary. They will also be involved in finding new sponsors especially businesses to enable us to maintain Hazel for her well-being trips. THE MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY will be help to maintain the current record of members, send out the newsletters and help with membership drives and publicity.
We are looking for someone that has some knowledge / experience of ONLINE SELLING, with websites such as EBAY.
DRIVERS are always needed for our shop deliveries and collections.

We have moved

No, not the shop or boats (although they obviously do move about a bit) I mean the website. Shouldn’t have made the slightest difference to you, and if it did you probably put it down to too many mince pies.

Where have we gone? I don’t actually know where the data is kept. To the non-teckies amogst you, lets just say it has floated from a cloud above one bank of the Mississippi River to the other bank. To the teckies amongst us we have gone Daddy!

The move was completed last night, Sunday 21/1/18. There was a problem with the email addresses which has been fixed but may take a few hours to “propergate” so if you sent something to a @wcbs.org.uk address it might get bounced or might even get lost down the back of the sofa if sent at precisely the wrong instant.

New Hazel Calendar

I’ve changed the calendar on the website to the google one so that it can be updated more easily and is linked in with the crew invites etc that Tony sends out. Click here to view.

This should mean it is kept more up to date than before and include all the short notice bookings which were previously not shown. Having said that it is now winter so we are in a quiet period!

Most of the private bookings, whether wellbeing or commercial will just show as “busy” as they contain additional information used for management purposes (e.g. crew rostering). If anyone else would benefit from seeing the additional info let me know.

We are an Accredited Training Centre

We are now an Accredited Training Centre. We can now train crew to nationally recognisable standards and give out certificates awarded by The National Community Boats Association. The final inspection on Saturday was kept top secret on a strictly “needs to know” basis. Even Kath, our treasurer, didn’t know, in fact we packaged her off to Greece for the duration so the first thing she will know about it is reading her tablet while sipping retsina in a Greek taverna! Dave, Mick and myself, Phil, were the guinea-pig pupils in Chris’ practical exam, although, as a by-product, we had skills ticked off which can now count towards our own qualifications.

Does that mean we want lots of new crew volunteers now? Yes, please send an email to training@wcbs.org.uk, but don’t hold your breath as you might have a long wait. We have a backlog of 12 existing crew to train. Some are well overdue but still need finishing off the last bits, assessing and certifying, others are quite new and so need more training. Once the first batches have popped out the system they can help training, on dedicated training days and also by taking control of passengered trips while Chris loiters in the background with new crew members. So if you, or one of your friends, apply now expect to be invited to an induction day later this year or, more probably, the beginning of next year.
Will we be able to make money training for other organisations? No. Well not for a long time anyway. Maybe in a couple of years, once we have got our team up to scratch and Chris is feeling a bit bored & redundant, not being rostered for enough trip and looking for more work etc, maybe then. But right now he is far too valuable a resource to share with anyone!
A full report of the roller-coaster ride of accreditation process will be in the next newsletter. So if you’re not a member or sponsor yet now is the time to join. Rated PG, contains medium peril!

There’s still time……………….

………….to buy that present for ”the friend who has everything”

Complete this and enrol them as a Hazel Sponsor.  Hazelsponsorform

If appropriate, please also complete a GiftAid form GiftAidDeclaration_singleformforemail

Hazel the boat is up and running, starting her Well-Being trips for folk with poor mental health. Unfortunately they don’t all get funding plus Hazel will still need long-term care to keep her in the necessary tip-top condition.

Becoming a sponsor means that, for just £28 p.a., you or the recipient will get updates via our Newsletter and the knowledge that you’re helping with Hazel’s work.

Thank you


We would like to invite all members to the General Meeting to be held at 7pm on Wednesday 12th August in the shop at 173 Stamford Street, Ashton under Lyne. Please let us know if you intend to come as we need numbers for seating and catering.

Obviously at this time the society has a great future to look forward to. Hazel will soon commence her new role and the other boats will hopefully be able to get more attention. During talks with the Canals and Rivers Trust about moorings for Hazel several opportunities have arisen for us to work with them in some very new (for us) and exciting projects.

We are always looking for more volunteers, members and trustees. If you are interested in enquiring about any of these roles please comment on this post, email us or come to the meeting whether currently a member or not.

Thanks to all our members for your continued support and we hope to see you on the 12th.