Original Ashton beer to be recreated with help of people of Tameside

The following was found on Twitter. The original article is from the Tameside Reporter.

Portland Basin Museum is working together with artist Magnus Quaife to brew a beer made using the same recipe as Old Tom, a strong dark ale which was popular until the brewery closed down in the 1960s.

Looking forward

Our 2017 AGM was held in the shop yesterday. We would like to welcome Tony Hewitson to the Trustee team to join with Dan Cocker. Kath Walls has stood down to concentrate on finance and Dave Wilson has also stood down to concentrate on his life !! Many thanks to Dave who joined us as the Hazel Project was in its infancy.

This does leave us with openings for new trustees. Some new volunteers came to the meeting and between them and current people it was agreed that some would shadow the Council of Management for a while and then an extra-ordinary meeting would be held to elect one or more to join Tony and Dan without waiting for next year’s AGM.

However more admin people are still needed in all areas so please do look at the Vacancies page here on the website to see if there is any area that you can help us in………if you’ve any queries or doubts please do email general@wcbs.org.uk. Thank you.



The spring newsletter is out. Anyone expecting an emailed copy should have received it on 27th Jan. Anyone expecting a paper copy had it posted on 30 Jan or 2nd Feb so should have received it by now. Anyone not expecting a newsletter can click on “Join Us!” then “Application form” and follow instructions to get one…



The Wooden Canal Boat Society has changed its bank.

From now on please make all standing orders and direct debits payable to our new account –

Co-op Community Direct Plus (Business Account)

Sort Code 08 92 99   Account No.  65789829

We have made this change to avoid bank charges.

The Membership Application forms, Hazel Sponsorship forms and Standing order forms have been amended as per those attached to this post below.

.WCBS STO form 2016

Hazel sponsor form with STO-2016

Membership application form_2016



Boat Maintenance help needed

In November 2015 "Forget me Not" went on dock at Ashton Packet Boat Co to have her skeg re-fitted, bottom caulked, shoeing and ice plating renewed and propeller rfurbished ready for lots more Hazel Rejuvenated towing and recycling trips in coming years.

In November 2015 “Forget me Not” went on dock at Ashton Packet Boat Co to have her skeg re-fitted, bottom caulked, shoeing and ice plating renewed and propeller rfurbished ready for lots more Hazel Rejuvenated towing and recycling trips in coming years.

Boat fans in the Northwest, here’s a rare opportunity to practise wooden boat maintenance skills on a genuine 1930s narrowboat!

Chris Leah of the Wooden Canal Boat Society is busy doing repairs to Forget-me-not while she’s out of the water at Guide bridge (near Ashton-u-Lyne). He could do with hands to help with caulking and putting the skeg back on over the next few days, and weather permitting, tarring the sides and replacing shoeing and ice-plating next week.

All of these jobs are fairly simple to pick up, amply assisted with cuppas, and I can personally reccomend the therapeutic effects of smacking things with hammers and glooping liquid tar around. Chris requires only that you let him know in advance if you intend to come and volunteer, by calling him on 07931 952 037 at least the day before.


The Wooden Canal Boat Society is now sending out Newsletters by email to members who are happy with that system.

This is great for us as we save postage (and for the planet too !). If you’re already a member/subscriber and are happy to receive your newsletter by email please notify the Membership Secretary, Kath Walls, via kathwcbs@gmail.com.

If you’d like to become a subscriber just click on the ”Join us” link on the website then you can complete and print out the form or just send your relevant details to the address stated with your cheque.

Newsletters are sent out 3 times a year and are a great way to keep up to date with our news.