Canal boat cruises in and around Tameside are available for people suffering from poor mental health, any other local need, and (as we need your money!) any private charter. Fully crewed cruises.

Hazel has been specially fitted out to make cruises comfortable and cosy for up to 12 guests. Facilities on board includes:

  • A large lounge with a log burning stove
  • Fully fitted self-catering kitchen, including a fridge
  • Wheelchair lift and ramps
  • Large bathroom/shower
  • Cabins to sleep up to eight people
  • Renewable electricity power
Cruise prices

Day trips (max 12 guests)  Wellbeing trip                     Private Charter
2 hour cruise                        £75 (£6.25 pp)                     £100 (£8.33 pp)
1/2 day cruise                      £150 (£12.50 pp)                 £200 (£16.66 pp)
Full day cruise                     £250 (£21.00 pp)                  £300 (£25.00 pp)

Team building exercise  max 8 participants + 4 passengers
5 hours+1 hour break       £200 (£25.00 pp)                 £250 (£31.25 pp)
Participants work together to get the boats up 3 locks to the outskirts of Stalybridge,
have a well-earned fish & chips or whatever (not included) and then return
via the same 3 locks.

Holidays (6 beds / max 8 guests):-
2 day 1 night holiday         £250 (£41.66 pp for 6)              £500 (£62.50 pp for 8)
3 day 2 night holiday         £350 (£58.33 pp for 6)              £650 (£81.25 pp for 8)

A limited amount of funding is available for organisations who can not afford it.

Static hire:-
Capacity 12 on bench seating or 8 round a table (specify which when booking). There are also 2 small cabins. For overnight stays there are 6 beds with a maximum capacity of 8.

Static hire                            Wellbeing                               Private Hire
1/2 day                                £30                                           £40
Full day                               £48                                           £60
Overnight stay                  £75                                           £90

Fund raising:-
Sponsored boat pull £50 per leg

5 half days training for CCC certificate for up to 5 trainees £750 (£150 pp)

Special hire

Thinking of that perfect gift for a birthday or celebration? Hazel is available for private hire. Get in touch. (we need your money!)

Booking hotline: 07860 944 969

email address:

Non-Group Bookings

See also: Bookable Trips on Eventbrite. We sometimes have trips such as “positioning trips” where we can sell places to guests on an individual basis.