Hazel’s Progress

This section of the website has been created to record the progress of Hazel’s de-construction, lofting, adzing, steaming, corking and anything else that goes on with her eventual rebuild!

However, before we start, please remember a lot of dedicated people, hard work and preparation has gone into making these events with Hazel possible. Even the Boat Yard itself has been a work in progress for many years and is still an ongoing project. It would also have been impossible without the benevolence of Tameside MBC, Hazel Supporters, Marple Lions and various other canal related benefactors and organisations.(note to self: create a Hazel’s heros page)

One person who should be remembered for her dedication in raising awareness of the Hazel project, securing various funding bids and TMBC support is Fiona Jones. Fiona’s development officer post was funded by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation for the last few years but this has now sadly ended. We had hoped to keep Fiona on and wish her well for the future. We know she and the Foundation will still look on with a definite interest now that the Hazel project is now finally starting.

Colin Scrivener, one of Hazel’s previous owners and our newsletter editor, proudly manned Hazel’s tiller for the short journey from Portland Basin to the Boat Yard on July 7th 2011. Chris Leah, a founding member of the society, now has a team of specialists and WCBS volunteers dedicated to returning Hazel to her former glory and they’re now working at the Boat Yard most of the week.

That does not mean we no longer need help. In fact, we need more funding help and volunteers now than ever before, on all the boats not just Hazel. A core team will work on Hazel but we need people to take on responsibility for looking after and maintaining the other five boats that we have. If you are interested and would like to help or know more then please contact us.

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  1. Hi there could you pleas send me a list of any volanteering jobs you have through the weeks as me and my partner would be haopy to help

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