Boat Sitting at the Museum

WCBS boats at Portland Basin

Our boats are currently kept at Portland Basin Museum.

The mooring is within the walled grounds of the museum, but we still like to ensure a human presence on board, during the evenings and at night time.

A number of people regularly help by “Boat Sitting” from time to time and enjoy spending the night on a boat in a pleasant setting. If this appeals to you there are plenty of opportunities to boat sit so please contact us.

3 thoughts on “Boat Sitting at the Museum

  1. Hi
    I was just wondering what i would have to do to become a boat sitter and is it all safe at night?

    Thank You
    Karen Hopwood

    • Hi Karen,

      The boats are moored at Portland Basin Museum in Ashton-under-lyne during the evening and night there is no land access as the museum doors are locked as is the gate. As far as I know no one has crossed the canal to the boats. The museum is open from 9am Tuesday to Sunday so if your a late riser you might find people walking around on the wharf from the museum.

      In regards to becoming a boat sitter please email me on and I will give you more information



  2. Hi, my husband and I will be in the UK visiting our son during late July to early August, 2014. We are from Australia and have spent a total of 11 years living on board our yachts in Sydney. 7 years on our 40′ ketch and 4 years on our 52′ sloop. We currently own a 25′ yacht and a 47′ houseboat. Although we no longer live aboard. Between us we have acquired much knowledge and skills to do with boats and would love the opportunity of living aboard a canal boat.

    Best regards, Cliff and Lesley Coverdale
    Phone: +61 2 49771235
    Mobile: +61405358737

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