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Wooden Canal Boat Society. – “New Lives from Old Boats”

The Wooden Canal Boat Society has the second largest collection of former working wooden canal boats in UK. Rather than simply restore and preserve them, The WCBS is finding new uses for these wonderful old boats, putting them to work on behalf of the local community and at the same time providing opportunities for people to learn new skills, meet people, make friends, do something useful and rewarding………………. Working with wooden boats can change peoples lives.

Tameside is an area of considerable deprivation with high levels of disadvantage, low income and health problems. Poverty, mental illness and social exclusion all too frequently impact together, affecting an individual’s ability to work efficiently, often resulting in unemployment or being confined to low status jobs and consequent loss of self esteem and confidence . Volunteering with The Wooden Canal Boat Society can be a way of giving daily lives meaning and structure.


The Wooden Canal Boat Society has key projects:

  • Portland Basin Museum where we maintain and display our working wooden boats   (Lilith, Southam, Forget me Not, Queen and Eltham) and inform the public about the history of working boats, our canal heritage and the work of the WCBS.
  • Three working boat trips a month for community recycling.
  • The Wooden Canal Boat Society Charity Shop on Stamford Street Central, Ashton under Lyne
  • The restoration of “Hazel” as a residential “wellbeing boat” at the Boatyard in Knowl Street.


The Wooden Canal Boat Society has up to 100 volunteers per year involved with these projects. Mainly living in Tameside, volunteering activities revolve around boat handling, boat building, maintenance and repair, “boat sitting” ,community recycling (collection, sorting and sales), van driving, charity shop sales , tourist information, industrial heritage, marketing, project development and fund raising.


For some, volunteering with the Wooden Canal Boat Society is about getting out of the house and meeting new people and doing something useful. For others it is an opportunity to learn new skills and a route back to work. For some, it is putting their existing skills to work and “giving something back” and for many it is about “wellbeing” and reducing the risk of social isolation. Volunteering with WCBS helps people to be active, stay fit, live independently and remain healthy for longer and at the end of it, these historical wooden canal boats are retained as assets, working for the community, bringing our heritage back to life and filling our waterways with colour and the sound of enjoyment……………………”new lives” indeed, from old boats!



The activities of the Society are dependent on the many Volunteers who work with the boats, help in the charity shop and assist on the boat recycling trips. Through its activities the Society provides opportunities for worthwhile work in a team environment and so is a source of help for people who are unemployed, socially isolated or in poor mental health.

The core activity is the preservation and maintenance of the 6 historic wooden canal boats currently owned by the Society. Three of the boats are currently put to community use, one is undergoing complete restoration and two are awaiting major refurbishment. These activities are carried out at a boatyard in Stalybridge and at Portland Basin in Ashton-under-Lyne and afford numerous opportunities for Volunteers to meet people, make new friends, apply their existing skills or learn new skills including traditional boat building methods.

When ‘Hazel’ has been restored she will be used as a ‘wellbeing’ and ‘hotel’ boat. She will be offered to organisations to provide respite holidays for people in need and particularly those suffering from isolation, depression and stress related illnesses.


The other 5 boats are currently displayed at Portland Basin, adjacent to the Social History Museum, and the Society makes them available for the general public to view and provides guides and display boards to explain the history, construction and operation of wooden canal boats. The Society also travels further afield with the boats, taking them to boat festivals and so spreading the information about them to the wider public.


The Society runs a charity shop in Ashton-under-Lyne to help fund the boat preservation and other activities and this provides paid employment and shop work experience for the many Volunteers.


The Society runs monthly boat trips along the Ashton canal to collect surplus clothing and household goods. Suitable items from these trips are resold in the shop whilst others are recycled and reused to help protect the environment. These trips offer further volunteering opportunities for people to “work” the boats or simply benefit from the therapeutic experience of being on the canals.

3 thoughts on “About Us – “New Lives from Old Boats”

  1. Nice one, been trying to get on a canal for years…
    Maybe you can help me.
    I live in Alt near Oldham
    Out of wheelchair after 12/13year.
    All the problems that go with I’ll health,but now need some sort of direction/new goal.
    I will contact you and see if we can help each other.

  2. born in 1946,in bardsley ashton-u-lyne [now oldham]did school at christ church ,oldham rd[last class,they closed the school that year 1961,] looking for old [good word]school mates, did work at c p a in carrbrook 63/4,then m/cycle accident ,hospital at the lake hospital, my father worked at tameside bus dept,styabridge,name swift truelove,well i got into sail boats [old movie type in st austel cornwall ,inthe 70,sdid some bbc sailing things,got my own boat in steel together in plymouth, then in 82 to bristol and in83 left to cross the pond to grenada im up and down the islands doing boat repair,&engieering,based out of trinidad,but hopingto find some old school mates,my have to write to the reporter and give them a lifelong letter to fid some school boys and girls,pass on this if you find some one interested,. thanks regards john f truelove, s/y stilawa,

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